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Green Bay Carbon Monoxide Detectors

Your Green Bay CO detectors alert you the moment they sense carbon monoxide

Carbon monoxide might be a colorless and odorless gas, but it isn’t undetectable. However, your Green Bay monitored CO detector can notify you when it senses excess CO gas. Just like your monitored smoke detectors, a high decibel bell will go off when it senses excess levels of CO. It also transmits a notification to your smartphone and your Vivint monitoring experts so you can concentrate on getting your family to a safe space as emergency help arrives. 

How your Green Bay monitored carbon monoxide detector protects your home

Without a carbon monoxide detector, you may be unable to detect poisonous natural gas leaks from your kitchen, fireplace, or HVAC system. Here’s how the detectors work:

  • High-level carbon monoxide sensors: Hang carbon monoxide alarms in your kitchen, basement, or garage, or anywhere you have gas as a power source.

  • Ultra-loud alert system: When the unit senses a dangerous build-up of CO gas, your system will ring with a high-decibel bell.

  • Mobile notifications with the Vivint App: Unfortunately, a CO leak may not always hit when you’re in the house. When your CO alarm sees a build-up of CO, you should be sent a notification to your phone.

  • Get emergency services fast with 24-hour monitoring: As your carbon monoxide detector is sounding the alert, your Vivint monitoring team will quickly phone emergency services. This gives you time to get your family to safety as help to you.

Vivint Carbon Monoxide Detectors in Green Bay

A complete security system includes Green Bay CO detectors

Your CO alarms are just a sliver of a complete Green Bay security system. If you pair CO safety to home automation devices, you can:

  • Direct carbon monoxide gas out of the house by automatically turning on your smart thermostat’s vent fan.

  • Remotely unbolt your smart locks for emergency services.

  • Check your camera feeds to ensure all family members and pets safely left the house.

  • Remain in constant communications with your Vivint monitoring experts by using the Vivint App.

Install your Green Bay CO detectors with your Vivint security system

Let our Vivint professionals customize the best smart home with CO detectors. We’ll discuss how our alarms, sensors, and home automation devices can help you stay safe, and help you choose the right components for you. Simply phone (920) 663-3617 or complete the form below today!